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Cosmopolitan Candle

Cosmopolitan Candle

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Introducing the "Cosmopolitan Candle" by Upcycled Pours – a dazzling burst of vibrant cheer encapsulated in an elegant 8 oz heat-safe martini glass. Immerse your space in the lively essence of a cosmopolitan with this expertly crafted scented candle.

Our Cosmopolitan Candle, presented in a stylish martini glass, features a shimmering bright pink hue, adorned with a wax lime wedge for added flair. Made with a organic fragrance oil and sustainable soy wax, this candle promises a clean and comforting 40+ hour burn time, allowing you to indulge in the delightful aroma without compromise.

The scent notes of the Cosmopolitan Candle unfold in a symphony of fragrance:

Top Notes: Citrus and cranberry offer a cheerful, tart twist to sparkling champagne.
Middle Notes: A burst of lively freshness.
Base Notes: Praline adds a touch of sweetness, while comforting musk notes convey a cozy ambiance.

Infused with natural essential oils, including orange sweet, lemon, and davana, this fragrance adds a delightful twist to your sensory experience.

The Cosmopolitan Candle isn't just a scented delight; it's a versatile addition to your line. Spread the cheer by offering it as soap or hand lotion, or let it shine as cheerful candles or wax melts.

The martini glass, a symbol of sophistication, is not just a container but a reusable statement piece. After reveling in the vibrant fragrance, participate in our recycling program and earn credits towards your next purchase, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

Elevate your space with the lively allure of our Cosmopolitan Candle. Immerse yourself in the vibrant notes of a cosmopolitan while making a conscious choice for a stylish and sustainable home. Upcycled Pours – where vibrancy meets sophistication in every flicker.
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